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We currently offer three progressively sized product lines: Silicone, GRS, and Rigid Plastic vaginal dilators.

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About Soul Source Vaginal Dilators

Soul Source Therapeutic Devices is a company specializing in the production of high quality vaginal dilators.
Our products are manufactured in the US, using materials manufactured and purchased in the US.


  • "As a counselor with a specialty in sexuality and genital pain disorders, it is a pleasure to recommend Soul Source vaginal dilators. I think they are the highest quality dilators available. I appreciate this product for their color coding and for their adequate flange, which makes them easy to handle.

    Women find Soul Source dilators easy to use, and appreciate their soft yet firm texture.The fact that they can be warmed to body temperature is an added bonus. Soul Source dilators are a superior product which I highly recommend to my clients. "
    Jillian Romm, RN, LCSW
    Associate Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Oregon Health & Science University
  • "An invaluable product for women requiring vaginal dilation. The curves and texture conforms naturally with a woman's body. The result is a smooth, satisfying dilating experience while maintaining vaginal depth and diameter."
    Marci L. Bowers
    MD San Mateo, CA
  • "I see many women in my practice who have painful intercourse or pelvic pain due to pelvic floor myalgia or spasm. Soul Source dilators are part of a comprehensive treatment plan for those women. The treatment goal is not to dilate the vagina, but to "teach" the vagina to accept fullness without spasm — and vaginal dilators are essential for this."
    Karen Adams, MD Associate Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology
    Oregon Health and Science University School of Medicine
  • "We have used the Soul Source Enterprises dilators for our patients the last 10 years. They are reliable, well designed and well made. The company has always been reliable. I recommend them without hesitation."
    Dr. Pierre Brassard, Gender Reassignment Surgery in Montreal (GRS Montreal)
    Société De Gestion Elijean