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Mama Never Said There’d be Days like This Dr. Lauren Streicher exposes Eye-Opening Facts in New Book Sex Rx: Hormones, Health, and Your Best Sex Ever

Remember that ‘birds and bees’ conversation you had with your mom? Well, there are a few things she may have left out. Which is why women of all ages often find themselves asking, “Why didn’t my mama say there’d be days like this?” Thankfully, they can turn to Dr. Lauren Streicher, clinical associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University’s medical school and author of Sex Rx: Hormones, Health, and Your Best Sex Ever. Here she shares 9 not-so-fun sex facts that your mother probably should’ve warned you about—plus a few modern-day fixes. Monogamy can get monotonous. After all, if...

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Inspired & Desired: Sex After Menopause

Inspired & Desired: Sex After Menopause By The North American Menopause Society: The Menopause Guidebook It’s no secret that once a woman goes through menopause, her sexual desire can decrease drastically. But women don’t need to settle for a life without sex just because they’re over a certain age. The first step towards getting your libido back is understanding why it left in the first place, and there are several culprits. First, hot flashes and night sweats can rob women of restful sleep—and exhaustion never feels sexy. Falling estrogen levels can also lead to vaginal dryness, making intercourse uncomfortable. At...

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Tips from nationally acclaimed health experts (OB-GYNs, Sex Therapists, Nutritionists) for NATIONAL WOMEN’S HEALTH WEEK

National Women’s Health Week, May 10-16 underscores the need for women everywhere to make their health a priority. Below are some insightful tips from nationally acclaimed health experts to help women take small steps toward better living. Bladder relief: Women rarely talk about it, but over 20 million women struggle with overactive bladder and won’t even discuss it to their doctors. Women experiencing incontinence don’t need to settle for diapers, pads or surgery—they need to strengthen their pelvic floor and find Kegels just don’t work as they don’t do them correctly or consistently. Whether unexpected leakage is from a cough,...

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“Voice” for Men, Women and Couples Sexual Health

As co-creator of the “Your Voice Your Wish” interactive website advocating the Women’s Initiative in Sexual Health, I’ve always passionately encouraged support for the 43 percent of women who suffer from some form of sexual dysfunction. As such, I am a strong advocate of supportive, respectful evaluation and effective medical and psychological treatment for this problem and particularly for therapies that are safe and effective. An understanding of the latest solutions and their efficacy is imperative for all healthy men, women and couples in supporting their physical and emotional well-being. Too many people suffer in silence with low libido or painful...

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Why Sex is Good for You

It’s good for the relationship and it’s good for the body. It’s just that simple.  Sex is good for you, your body, your mind, and your relationship. Here’s why… Sex burns calories—we love that.  Sex can also strengthen muscle tone, increase heart rate, and get the whole body working.  Sex lowers blood pressure and stress levels.  Sex may protect against some forms of cancer.  Sex boosts immunity.  Sex my relieve pain as it diverts blood flow from other parts of the body. Sex can also help you sleep.  After an orgasm, the body releases the hormone prolactin, which helps you...

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