Global Community

I have always had a deep connection to helping those in need. In the late eighties and early nineties I was involved in helping newly arrived immigrants from the former Soviet Union to get resettled in the USA. In later years, my passion turned to helping refugees in Congo and Darfur.

I am honored that, as the owner of Soul Source Therapeutics, I now have a more direct way of helping women. I have been able to develop relationships with urogynecologists and ob/gyns in African countries such as Malawi, Nigeria, Sudan, Ghana, Ethiopia and Chad. In these countries, many young women give birth in remote villages far from resources required for an emergency c-section, thus obstetrical fistulas are a far more common occurrence. Fistulas are a serious medical complications that can happen during childbirth. The baby’s head compresses the soft tissue of the pelvis, resulting in areas of dead tissue that ultimately lead to an infected opening between the bladder and/or rectum and the vagina. Infant mortality is approximately 95% in these cases and women are left leaking urine or stool from their vagina.

These women usually become social outcasts and are shunned by their communities. Many women will walk for days to receive medical care at nonprofit clinics where these fistulas are surgically closed. After healing, these women need to use vaginal trainers, and that is where Soul Source comes in. We donate our silicone trainers to these nonprofit organizations, helping women regain their sexuality, confidence and role in society, and maintaining their marriages and helping families and communities to stay stable. Some of the nonprofit organizations that we supply with trainers are: FIUGA; Women Like Us; JCF ( Jackson Clinics Foundation); Baylor College Global Women’s Health Fellowship; Footsteps to Healing,; Freedom from Fistulas; Fistula Foundation; International Medical Response.

In addition, our global outreach includes donations to Clitoraid. Clitoraid is a nonprofit association that offers free medical services for the restoration and rehabilitation of Female Genital Mutilation victims.

Soul Source also supports many organization here in the US that help cancer survivors.


-Jane Silverstein, Soul Source President and CEO

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