Women's Health Products

This collection is always changing, check back often to see what other exciting products we may add in the future.

We started out as a trainer company, providing the highest quality trainers, all made in the USA. But it became apparent that there were other products that could help us fulfill our mission to help women regain and maintain their sexual health.

So began our Women’s Health Products collection. Here we offer quality products and informative reading to help women on their journey to better health. We find many of these items at the various conferences that we attend every year, or through the many professional contacts we have established.

The products that you see in this collection were not picked randomly. These products have been chosen because we have found them to be of the highest quality and are items that we feel provide maximum benefit to women.

  • Lubricants- there are many reasons why a women might need to use a lubricant. A women’s body produces less natural vaginal lubrication as a result of menopause, breast feeding, hormonal changes, medication, cancer treatments, or aging. Artificial lubricants reduce friction during intercourse and help boost pleasure, reduce pain and keep skin soft.  We offer high quality, low osmolality water-based lubricants that do not damage vaginal tissue. We have several for you to choose at different price points
  • Vaginal moisturizers- We are used to using moisturizers on our face to keep our skin supple and rehydrated. Vaginal Moisturizers are just what is sounds like, except this time it is for your insides. Vaginal moisturizers are specifically formulated to combat vaginal dryness. They are inserted into the vagina to help increase the water content of cells so that the vaginal tissue produces more natural lubrication. They are very helpful for women that are experiencing vaginal dryness and related pain with intercourse.
  • Pelvic floor muscle trainers- Helps women develop better muscle tone and control. This product is inserted inside the vagina and connected to an app. Turn it on and you will experience five-minute exercises that help improve bladder control, faster postnatal recovery and can help heightened orgasms.  It takes the guesswork out of trying to strengthen internal muscles.
  • Vibrators- Not just for pleasure, Vibration has been found to helps stimulate better blood flow to vaginal tissues and pelvic floor organs.
  • Protector rings- Limits depth of penetration during sexual activity. This product is helpful to women who maybe dealing with endometriosis, cancer treatment, shortening of the vagina due to hysterectomy, or perhaps their partner is just a bit too large for comfort.
  • External cooling- Provides relief for external feminine pain or itching due to childbirth, surgery, vaginal infections or cancer treatment.
  • Books and more books- Books by authors that are considered the best in their fields, with advice on how to cope with many different issues that women face every day.

This collection is constantly changing, check back often to see what other exciting products we may add in the future.

This information should not be used during any medical emergency, or for the diagnosis of any medical condition. A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions.

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