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Our Story

Our Mission

Soul Source Therapeutic Devices is dedicated to helping women maintain and regain their sexual health. We specialize in producing high quality vaginal dilators, using premium materials manufactured in the U.S.

Our Global Commitment

Soul Source is proud to sponsor programs and charitable efforts dedicated to educating and supporting women in their journey back to vaginal health. We support cancer fundraisers, informative movie screenings, and special projects that aid women's sexual health around the world.

Last year, we began donating dilators and personal lubricant to the women of Malawi through Baylor College of Medicine's Global Women's Health Initiative. The program finds that use of vaginal dilators after surgery to correct an obstetric fistula can help women regain their sexual functionality. In Malawi, sex is closely tied to stable relationships and economic stability for women. Therefore, a young woman who cannot have intercourse will have a difficult and desperate experience. Learn more about this program >>