Our Story

Jane Silverstein, CEO of Soul Source Therapeutic Devbices

Life took an interesting and wonderful turn when I purchased Soul Source from my cousin Bruce in 2013. After 33 years of running the sales and marketing department of the security company that I co-owned with my husband, it was now my turn. Here I was, in my 50’s, and finally in my dream career. It was time to focus on my passion, women’s health.

The story of Soul Source trainers began much earlier in the 1990’s when another cousin, Jillian Romm, a highly regarded sex therapist at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU), and an OB/GYN colleague of hers, designed our progressively-sized, flexible-yet-resilient, silicone vaginal trainers. They were specially designed to not resemble sex toys, with a pastel color palate. The result was beautiful, non-threatening, and comfortable trainers.

Fast forward a few years, and Jill was way too busy with her work at OHSU to concentrate on the manufacturing and marketing of a new product, so Jill’s brother-in-law, Bruce, took over the reins in 2004. Bruce came to Soul Source with an engineering background. He was committed to manufacturing in the USA and added additional larger sizes as well as our GRS trainers.

After purchasing Soul Source in 2013, we moved the manufacturing and company offices from Oregon to Los Angeles, California.

Today we are thrilled to be helping women regain and maintain their sexual health worldwide, with distributors located in the United Kingdom, Israel, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.

Our Mission

Soul Source Therapeutic Devices is dedicated to helping women maintain and regain their sexual health. We specialize in producing high quality vaginal trainers, using premium materials.

Our Global Commitment

Soul Source is proud to sponsor programs and charitable efforts dedicated to educating and supporting women in their journey back to vaginal health. We donate trainers to cancer patients in Botswana Africa in conjunction with Massachusetts General Hospital, as well as to cancer centers in the U.S. serving unfunded women. We are deeply passionate about helping obstetrical fistula patients and we donate trainers to urogynecologists performing this repair surgery. We also make a large annual donation to Clitoraid, an amazing nonprofit that performs surgical repairs caused by genital mutilation. We support the LQBTQ community, cancer fundraisers, informative movie screenings, and special projects that aid women's sexual health around the world.


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