Poco Vibrator
Poco Vibrator
Poco Vibrator

Poco Vibrator

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 Poco Vibrator by MysteryVibe

Sexual Health is an important aspect of pelvic health. Using a vibrator can increase blood flow to the pelvic organs and pelvic floor. Increased blood flow  improves healing and enhances sexual function and pleasure.

Poco Features:

  • Easily adjustable, can be bent into different shapes
  • 2 motors with 16 intensity levels
  • Preset with 8 patterns, or create your own
  • app control from your phone
  • Shower-proof
  • USB rechargable
  • 24 month warranty

Here's how the Poco Vibrator can help:

Pelvic Health:  Pelvic health problems, including urinary incontinence, are common for women.  Regular use of a directional vibrator like Poco can help strengthen this area, improve function, and make sex easier and more comfortable, especially for postpartum women with weakened pelvic floor contraction.

Pain Disorder:  Vibratory stimulation is a commonly recommended treatment for vulvodynia, dyspareunia and other vulvar pain conditions

Urinary Incontinence:  Urinary incontinence is common in women, especially for those over the age of 40. Poco can be used both vaginally and on the perenium to increase bloodflow to the region.

Overall Sexual Wellness:  There are numerous health benefits of regular orgasms including better sleep and lower stress. Using Poco can help make orgasms a highly enjoyable part of your regular schedule.

 The Poco’s small diameter is a perfect fit for those new to a vibrator or to those experiencing pelvic pain and tension. Just under 6 inches long, it has a pliable shape and bends at two points to better contour to each women’s individual anatomy. It has eight patterns and 16 levels of vibration , with 8 preset patterns that can be controlled on the device itself or thru an app. The Poco is made of  water resistant silicone and easy to clean.USB rechargeable. The Poco is the smaller, more discreet and more affordable of the two vibrators that we carry. 

 What's in the box:

  • Silky smooth POCO, made from body-safe silicone
  • Charging USB cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Multi-lingual User Guide



Download the free MysteryVibe App (iOS and Android) to try out different vibration patterns from our pre-made list or make a new one from scratch yourself. Simply open the app and follow the instructions to pair & control your Poco.

Note: Poco works perfectly stand-alone without the app. We recommend the app as it allows you to fully customize the vibrations giving you more comfort & pleasure, as well as being a remote control for Poco within a 30 feet range.



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