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What dilator sizes are available?

Soul Source vaginal dilators are available in eight different sizes that can be purchased individually or in sets. Their relative sizing is compared in the photo below.

Soul Source vaginal dilator sizing

What’s the difference between diameter and circumference?

Diameter and circumference are two ways to measure a circular object.

Diameter is the distance through a circle, a straight line from any one point on the outside, through the center to the opposite side.


Circumference is the distance around a circle, starting at any fixed point, going around the outside and returning to the same point.


Imagine taking an trip around the world, starting and ending at the same place. The distance traveled would be the circumference of the earth. Now imagine tunneling through the center of the earth coming out again on the opposite side. This distance would be the diameter of the earth.

Below are the conversions from diameter to circumference for our dilators:

Diameter       Circumference

1/2 inch          1.6 inch

3/4 inch          2.4 inches

7/8 inch          2.7 inches

1 inch             3.1 inches

1-1/8 inch      3.5 inches

1-1/4 inch      3.9 inches

1-3/8 inch      4.3 inches

1-7/16 inch    4.5 inches

1-1/2 inch      4.7 inches

1-5/8 inch      5.1 inches

How do I use my dilators?

Dilator usage can vary. There are several links on our Resources page that address dilator usage, but we strongly recommend that you consult with a therapist or medical professional.

What lubricant should I use with my dilators?

Any water-based or natural oil lubricant designed for sexual activity can be used with our dilators. DO NOT use any silicone-based lubricant, especially with the silicone dilators.

How can I clean my dilators?

Wash the dilators with warm water and mild soap. Pat dry and allow to fully air dry before storing them. We recommend that you store your silicone dilators wrapped in a clean cotton cloth; GRS dilators can be stored in the supplied storage pouch. Never soak your dilators in alcohol or sterilizing solutions containing alcohol, especially with the rigid plastic or GRS dilators. Soul Source dilators may be wiped with an alcohol-based solution, but be sure to rinse off any residue before storing them.

Can dilators be sterilized by autoclave or boiling?

GRS and Rigid Plastic dilators can NEVER be boiled or autoclaved.

Silicone dilators may be sterilized by boiling for 5 minutes or by autoclave. If you have a problem with yeast infections, you may add two tablespoons of vinegar to two quarts of water for boiling.

What are Soul Source dilators made of?

Soul Source silicone dilators are hand-cast using latex-free and BPA-free silicone. Silicone is flexible and resilient with a texture that resembles body tissue. Our GRS and Rigid Plastic dilators are hand cast using polyurethane plastic for situations where a rigid dilator is needed. For quality assurance, all of our dilators are inspected, washed, and sealed before shipping.

Where are Soul Source dilators manufactured?

All of our dilators are manufactured in the United States with materials produced in the United States.

Why are your GRS dilators curved?

Soul Source GRS dilators were designed by a leading GRS surgeon to address the specific anatomical needs of GRS patients.

What is the difference between a dilator and a sex toy?

Sex toys are designed to provide sexual stimulation. Some vibrate; some are anatomically correct to resemble a penis. Dilators are therapeutic devices and can be used without the need for sexual stimulation. Sexual pleasure is not its purpose.

Are dilators covered by my medical insurance?

Soul Source does not handle insurance claims directly. Reimbursement may be available for dilator purchases, depending on your particular medical insurance policy. If you have a prescription for dilator usage from a medical professional, you may be able to submit a claim. Check with your insurance provider to see if you have coverage.


How can I order from outside the United States?

Soul Source accepts order from most countries in the world, with just a few exceptions.  See the FAQs on shipping for more details.

We also have exclusive distributors in several other countries that carry Soul Source products.  Ordering from these distributors could save on expensive overseas shipping costs as well as any duties or taxes that may be levied on imports. Here is their information and the countries they service:

United Kingdom, and all European Union countries:


Hong Kong:

Is there special pricing for bulk orders to health care providers and medical facilities?

Yes, Soul Source does ship bulk orders to hospitals and clinics. Contact us for more information or to set up an account.

How can I pay for my order?

Our website uses a secure, encrypted checkout that will accept all major credit or debit cards. You can also use PayPal, which will allow you to pay directly from your PayPal account, or Amazon Pay through your Amazon account. There are buttons that you can click on for both PayPal and Amazon during checkout. If you are ordering through an Apple computer, iPad or iPhone, you will also have the option of using your Apple Pay account. If you prefer to order by phone, you can call us at (888) 325-5870 during our normal business hours.

How can I pay without using a credit card?

If you prefer to pay by check or money order, you can call our office at (888) 325-5870 to have an ordering form mailed, emailed, or faxed to you. But please be aware that orders payed by check or money order will not ship until we receive confirmation of the payment through our bank, which could take a week or longer.

Can I return my dilators if I decide not to use them?

Unfortunately we cannot accept any dilator returns due to health regulations. If you think that your dilator may be defective or if feel you may have received the wrong product, or are unhappy for any reason, please contact us to make special arrangements.


How are your orders packaged?

All of our orders are discretely packaged in plain boxes. For orders being shipped to addresses in the USA the return address only shows as SSTD, Inc., and there is never any description of the contents. Due to US customs regulations, international orders require a description of the contents. We will always try to use a generic description such as “durable medical goods” or "muscle stimulators".

How are your orders shipped?

All Soul Source orders to addresses in the United States are shipped via US Postal Service Ground Advantage Mail, which will typically take 2 to 5 business days. Domestic orders over $30 ship for free, under $30 for a flat $5.99.  International orders are usually sent using US Postal Service Priority International Mail, but we may opt for a different carrier at our discretion, depending on the circumstances. Shipping charges will be calculated automatically during checkout, and all orders receive a separate confirmation email once the order is shipped with the shipping and tracking information. Contact us if you need to arrange for expedited shipping or to use a different carrier.

Will there be any customs charges or duties on international orders?

Customs, taxes or duties can vary greatly for different countries and are the responsibility of the recipient.

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