Stress, Orgasm, and Sleep

Stress, Orgasm and Sleep

Send out an SOS

By Mache Seibel, MD founder of My Menopause Magazine and Professor, University of Massachusetts Medical School.

For women entering menopause, sleep can be a constant challenge and sex is the perfect solution. Sex increases estrogen release in women, which has a positive impact on REM sleep. Sex is a natural way to decrease stress and can help with the onset and quality of sleep.

If you’re up at night tossing and turning, mind racing and you’re just about to panic wondering how you will ever get to sleep in time to wake up refreshed choose the oldest tranquillizer in the world–sex. The more sex you have the more sleep you’ll get. Sleep comes naturally when both body and mind are relaxed and free of stress. Once you’re rested and focusing on the pleasure of the moment, you’ll be hard pressed to keep thinking about all those random thoughts that were keeping your brain too active to fall asleep.

During sexual activity, the oxytocin released with hugging, stimulation and orgasm can increase feelings of calm and safety and cortisol levels drop; both are prerequisites for optimizing sleep. During orgasm, there is also an increased release of prolactin, which gives a heavy somnolence, helping you fall asleep faster and more efficiently.

Self-pleasure or couples sex and satisfaction increases overall health, vitality, joy and creativity, igniting the brain and body together and enhancing self-esteem.

Here are SOS tips that can help:

  1. Take a calm, warm bath and begin with a comforting massage
  2. Light an aromatherapy candle, slip on sexy lingerie and turn on romantic music
  3. Avoid alcohol and large meals late in the evening
  4. Many women avoid sex because it hurts if she is experiencing vaginal dryness, a common symptom of menopause.  Replens Moisturizer provides soothing relief by increasing moisture and rejuvenating dry vaginal cells.
  5. Try Replens Silky Smooth, a silicone lubricant that can be used just prior to intercourse to ease penetration and reduce the chances of abrasion. The slippery feeling is erotic and supplements the body’s natural lubrication.
  6. Strong pelvic floor muscles can improve sexual desire and achievement of a better orgasm
  7. Instead of being too tired for sex, have sex to get tired

Good sex can be a wonderful springboard into good sleep. Whenever possible, send out an SOSStress, Orgasm, Sleep. That’s my prescription for a good night’s sleep.

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