A "Facial" for Your Vagina?

“A- WHAT?!”- that was my first reaction when I saw an article for this new trend. I must admit I was absolutely horrified. First, ladies, let’s get the anatomical terminology of our bodies correct. What the writer described as a “facial” is actually a skin care regimen for the vulva, not the vagina. The vagina is internal, the vulva is the external genitalia. These treatments are typically recommended for those that remove their pubic hair.

In my research on this topic I came across a lot of information on how to do a home “vaj-acial”, as it is  sometimes called, as well as information on choosing a  professional spa offering this treatment.

This “beauty“  treatment may consist of exfoliating, moisturizing, the use of a “mud mask”, dyeing any hyperpigmentation of the skin, steam to loosen blackheads, bumps and ingrown hairs. Some treatment specialists also use red light therapy to tighten and tone skin, and /or a high frequency glass wand-shaped tool that emits an electrical current.  This supposedly kills bacteria deep in the cells.

I thought to myself, “Here we go again!”- making women falsely believe that their imperfect bodies need to be beautified by very expensive and medically unnecessary treatments. There is the economic side driving this as well.   Don’t get me wrong- if someone is uncomfortable and/or self-conscious about a skin disorder or the appearance of their vulva, then, yes, please address the issue, but with a medical professional that has been trained in this specialty. I think there is a great benefit  for women to be able to talk about their body issues and concerns in a safe, non-judgmental space.

According to my research, several well respected gynecologists-  experts in the field of Women’s Sexual Health- advise against going to a spa or esthetician for a “ vaj-acial”, as there can be health risks associated with these “treatments”.

I’m just sayin’: let’s keep the facials on the face!

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