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Soul Source featured in Contemporary OB/GYN publication

We were delighted and honored that our humanitarian efforts were featured in Contemporary OB/GYN in their April article “New frontiers in sexual medicine.” In their roundup of the 2022 International Society of the Study of Women’s Sexual Health conference (ISSWSH) in Dallas, TX, the publication chose to feature Soul Source first among the exhibitor overview for our commitment to giving back.

As part of our mission to help women maintain and regain their sexual health, Soul Source frequently makes financial and in-kind product contributions to healthcare and education programs that further this cause.

Over the years, Soul Source has supported numerous organizations dedicated to prevention and improved treatment of pelvic pain disorders, including cancer and endometriosis rehabilitation to name just two. Soul Source has also supported pelvic health in third world countries, contributing to women’s health and career education programs, pelvic physical therapy training, and genital reconstructive surgeries and other efforts to reverse female genital mutilation.

It is because of YOU, our loyal customers and supporters, that we are able to pay it forward. Following is the excerpt from the recent article:

"The hustle and bustle as well as medical buzz of the professional exhibits kept the participants continually engaged. Soul Source’s Owner and CEO, Jane Silverstein certainly would win the ISSWSH Humanitarian award if there ever was one created. Participants appreciated the value of the company’s colorful and well designed, multi-sized dilators and sets for their patients, but are becoming increasingly impressed with Soul Source’s continued community support.

Soul Source recently donated community silicone dilators to Harvard Mass General’s sexual health program for their newly diagnosed patients. Jane has also worked to help refugees from Darfur with employment opportunities. Jane, known as the “dilator lady” has collected and donated supplies to urogynecologists in Africa who are preforming fistula repair. In addition, she has walked the exhibit halls collecting undistributed lubricant samples from exhibitors to include with her donations."

To learn more about some of the organizations and causes that Soul Source supports, read our 2021 Contributions summary >>

We thank you for your continued support to make these efforts possible. To read more about the ISSWSH conference, view the entire article here >>

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