Supporting Physical Therapy Training in Africa

Kenyan Medical Center physical therapists treating patients

Soul Source recently made a five-year commitment to donate dilators to the Kenyan Medical Training College in Nairobi, Kenya. They will be used to help instruct the region’s physical therapists on how to evaluate and treat pelvic floor dysfunction, an area of extreme need in Kenya.

Soul Source is donating the dilators through the Jackson Clinics Foundation (JCF) program called Teach and Treat, a charity that works to train physical therapy professionals in Ethiopia and Kenya, and to improve the standard of care to those communities. They also strive to train advanced-level physical therapy practitioners and faculty who can lead their local communities and colleges.

Soul Source dilators are being used as part of the Herman and Wallace Level courses as part of the college’s women’s health course component. Herman and Wallace are also generous sponsors of Teach and Treat. Learn more about curriculum plans through Herman and Wallace’s blog.

Soul Source is honored to support these efforts. Learn more about the program at

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