Supporting The Cause Against Female Genital Mutilation in Kenya

We are passionate about supporting women’s health causes here and aboard. One cause close to our hearts is helping women in Kenya that are victims  of Female Genital Mutilation, unfortunately this horrible procedure is still practiced in 30 countries worldwide.

This month we once again donated dilators and finances to help these young women. Physical Therapist Elizabeth Malkous, just arrived in Kenya and will spend a few weeks supporting these women. Elizabeth gave us details of the trip before she left:

“Our African medical mission trip to rescue girls from and treat victims of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Our dates are December 18, 2021, to Jan 3, 2021. We arrive in Kenya the week before Christmas because this is when the girls are subjected to FGM and we are needed the most!  We will spend 2 days in the slums of Nairobi with Reverend Davies Musigo at UMC Huruma Tent community where there proved to be great need for the pelvic pain physical therapy that I provided during our last trip.  I have been in contact with this community since our 2019 trip helping them apply the pelvic health principles we taught them. 

The rest of the 2-week trip will be spent at Reverend Kennedy Mwita’s First UMC Moheto Community Health Clinic in Migori, Kenya.

Moheto Community, is centered in the heart of Kuria tribe where 96% of the girls suffer the devastating physical, psychological, and spiritual effects of FGM.  I will work directly with the girls and women who have suffered FGM to determine the best physical therapy treatment methods to mobilize scar tissue, relieve pain and prevent massive tears or fistulas from occurring during childbirth.  I will be working directly to train and educate the Moheto medical team on these physical therapy techniques. When in Nairobi we will be staying with a team members family. When in Moheto we will be staying at the Moheto Community housing to save on travel time and hotel expenses. “


We were honored to help these victims with our ongoing donations. If you would like to help the young women in African get medical support badly needed, we invite you to make a donation here:

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