The Wondrous Vulva Puppet! Educational Tools for Practitioners

We at Soul Source are huge fans of the Vulva Puppet. Their beautifully handmade “vulvas” are a helpful educational, clinical and therapeutic tool that facilitate communication about the female anatomy.
Made of velvet and satin, these anatomically accurate puppets include the Outer and Inner Labia, the Clitoral Glans, The Clitoral Legs, Urethra, Vagina, G spot, Hymen (tags) and Cervix.
Watch Dorrie Lane's demonstration of a pelvic exam using the Vulva Puppet.
Dorrie's demo for practitioners can be used with patients in the clinical setting, educating and empowering patients just prior to their pelvic exam. Practitioners can also share this video, or create their own similar demonstration with a Vulva Puppet, and share their video with patients to watch before the day of their exam.
Many women dread having to get their pelvic exam each year. The Vulva Puppet  helps educates patients on what the exam feels like, and helps alleviate their uncertainty and concerns.

An incredible educational and therapeutic tool, the Vulva Puppet is:

  • The #1 Anatomical model used for education, therapy, OB/GYN clinicians and schools.
  • Used all over the world for Education, Honoring, Empowering and Healing women.
  • Taking the shame, mystery & porn out of the conversation of women's bodies & sex education.
  • Finally giving WOMEN a voice for themselves!
Great care and attention goes into each puppet's detail and production. Did you know that it takes 2 days to make one custom-made vulva puppet?

Enjoy a great deal on your own hand-made Vulva Puppet. Now through Dec. 31, when you visit www.VulvaPuppet.comenter code YES21 at checkout for 15% OFF.

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